SEO Consulting

Need some SEO expertise, but not interested in hiring a 6-figure employee or over-priced agency? I feel you. I offer hands-on SEO consulting so you can have your cake and eat it too.

What Is It?

SEO Consulting was my first deviation away from the traditional agency model, born out of a scenario I found many businesses and agencies facing: they had intelligent, hard-working marketers on staff, but were simply lacking the in-depth expertise required to implement an effective SEO campaign.

So I shifted focus. And became more flexible.

Now I work with a wide range of clients in a consultative manner—from month-to-month retainers to one-time project-based agreements.

Who’s It For?

Small-to-medium sized businesses, marketing agencies, and internal marketing teams with some internal resources (e.g. writers, designers, programmers) to assist with our efforts.

Here are some common use-case scenarios:

  • Businesses that are just starting to think about SEO for the first time and aren’t sure where to begin. I can put together an entire plan for you, soup to nuts, and we can implement it together.
  • Businesses that have tried some things in the past – either internally or through an agency – and aren’t satisfied with the results. I can explain why/where your current plan fell short and create a new one to use moving forward.
  • Businesses that are planning a site redesign, or preparing to launch a new site. I can help ensure your transition doesn’t result in lost rankings or traffic, or create a poor user experience.
  • Agencies that are interested in offering SEO to their clients – either because an existing client asked, or they’re looking to build a new revenue channel. I can be brought on as a “partner” or stay behind-the-scenes so you can keep the business in-house.
  • Internal marketing teams looking to increase traffic and sales for their company and need some expert guidance. I can serve as an extension of your team by creating an actionable SEO plan for us to follow, and making sure it gets executed efficiently.

How It Works

It’s pretty straightforward! Simply shoot me a note to let me know you’re interested in possibly working together. I’ll write you back to schedule time for a 15 – 20 minute phone call. If by the end of that call we both feel there’s a good opportunity to partner on a project, I’ll put together a simple proposal based on the scope of work we discuss.

My scope of work will likely fall into one of the following two agreements:

  1. A monthly retainer, typically based on two 1-hour(ish) phone calls or in-person meetings each month where I work with you and/or members of your team to move our campaign forward.
  2. A one-time project-based agreement (such as a technical site audit, on-site optimization recommendations, a content marketing plan, etc.) that will be billed 50% upfront and 50% upon completion of work.

Working as an SEO Consultant, I perform the full gamut of SEO-related tasks – from keyword research to technical optimization to link-building through reporting. The exact scope of work will be based on your specific business, website and goals, and prioritized accordingly.

What To Expect

A lot! I always over-deliver for my clients!

  • An increase in rankings and traffic (duh). There are specific search terms you want your business to rank for, and we’ll absolutely do that. But more importantly, we’re going to improve the quantity and quality of your search engine traffic.
  • A significantly improved website from both an SEO perspective, as well as an end-user perspective. Of course, if you’re doing things “right”, these should be one in the same.
  • MORE BUSINESS! …as a result of the points above.
  • An investment in yourself and your team. This is a collaborative partnership and I don’t hold anything back. You’re going to gain an understanding of SEO that will serve you for years to come.
  • A friendly, fun, and positive business partnership. Simply put: you’re going to enjoy working with me!

Next Steps

If you have further questions about my SEO Consulting services or would like to discuss a potential partnership, please feel free (and encouraged!) to contact me right now.

Still need some convincing? Check out the case study below.

Case Study

See how I helped increased traffic by 481% in just 6 months for a food & beverage company.

I have had an outstanding experience working with Zack. He is a nimble, experienced, professional, enthusiastic team-player - and I'd argue the best SEO Consultant in Chicago (so glad we found him!).

Theresa Cantafio/Marketing & Business Development/Brisan