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Squarespace SEO: 15 Optimizations You Need to Be Making

On-Page SEO / Nov 29, 2017 / Zack Reboletti

Three years ago I was talking to a boutique digital marketing firm that was interested in SEO consulting. I really liked the people and believed in their business so it seemed like a good fit. There was only one problem: Their website was built on Squarespace...

How to Organize a Website for Rankings, Traffic & Conversions

SEO Strategy / Sep 05, 2017 / Zack Reboletti

When a visitor lands on your website, there are two main things they want right away: 1. to know they’re in the right place; and 2. to quickly find what they came looking for. Turns out, search engines want this for our visitors as well...

Fastest SEO Results: 5 Ways to Increase Search Traffic FAST!

SEO Strategy / Jul 23, 2017 / Zack Reboletti

You don’t often see the words “fast” and “SEO” in the same sentence, and for good reason; SEO is typically viewed as an investment where your time, money and effort get put towards something that will pay off in and over the long-term...

What Keywords Are My Competitors Using? (Answer in 10 Easy Steps)

Keyword Research / Jun 21, 2017 / Zack Reboletti

What keywords are my competitors using? It's a natural question to ask, and one I usually research the answer to before my clients even ask. After auditing some of the bigger technical aspects of a new client's website, keyword research is...

What Makes a Good Keyword: 3 Criteria for High ROI Search Terms

Keyword Research / May 05, 2017 / Zack Reboletti

Keyword research is one of the most important tasks of any SEO campaign... it also happens to be one of my favorite tasks so I'm excited to share my criteria for what makes a good keyword with you here. Whether you're looking to drive traffic...